Is this thing on? ?

In the immortal words of that beautifully coifed genius, Kenny Loggins, this is it. My first ever (and hopefully not last ever) blog post. I guard my privacy fiercely and what better way to do that than to pour my heart out ONLINE? My hope is that my life experiences are somehow relatable to other people and we can learn from each other through open and honest conversations. No topic is off limits and on principle I won’t censor myself so cover the kiddo’s eyes.

I tend to lie in bed at night thinking about….everything. I think about the super awkward thing I said to my third grade teacher, I think about that fucked up thing that was done to me a long time ago, I think about how much I love this town and how much I’d love to get out of it for a few days for a non-work vacation (had to look that word up in the dictionary lol). I think about how statistically, I have a better chance of being killed by a terrorist than getting married (according to Nora Ephron who would never lie to us ladies, right?). I think about all the ridiculous situations I’ve gotten myself into because of dating apps and how someday I’ll compile all those stories into a best selling memoir titled “Bumble-ing Idiots” or “Tinderhearted” or something equally as cheesy. I may tell a few of those stories here but with names changed to protect the guilty.

I want this to be a sort of online sanctuary. A safe place to discuss any topic that comes up, from politics to movies, religion to sex, food to more food. And I promise to not hold back and always be brutally honest because you, loyal (and so far non-existent) reader, deserve nothing less. I love us.

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